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Well Architected Azure Landing Zones Deep Dive

On-Demand / 10 hours

Learn how to design and deploy Azure landing zones in this 7-week, project-focused, deep dive bootcamp.

Course Instructor: Corey Knapp

Corey Knapp is a Cloud expert with over 20 years experience in the IT industry. He currently holds multiple Microsoft Azure certifications and works as a Principal Consultant for Neudesic, specializing in Azure, DevOps, Infrastructure-As-Code, and Security and Governance.

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Course Outline

NOTE: All sessions are recorded and available for replay. You can take your time to work through the bootcamp.

Week 1: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

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In week 1, Corey will introduce you to the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, which is one of the most popular ways to learn how to move your workloads into the cloud. He will discuss cost optimization and operational excellence to ensure you're ready to dive into cost models, budgets, and monitoring. Then, he will discuss the performance and reliability of Autoscaling, caching, distributed systems, and reliable apps. Corey then wraps up with security in Azure for users, applications, and policies.

Week 2: Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework

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In week 2, Corey talks about the Cloud Adoption Framework, which is a great segway from Week 1, and learning about the Well-Architected framework. You'll first learn about Azure foundations and how to get started in the cloud platform. Then, you'll start learning about all the different types of migrations, including greenfield, blue sky, and existing design issues. Corey will discuss cost controls around the migration process and then dive into strategic teams, including cloud operations, governance, and business strategies.

Week 3: Designing a Landing Zone

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In weeks 1 and 2, Corey taught you all about the well-architected framework and the cloud adoption framework. In week 3, it's time to put all of the learning into action. Corey will be going over how to design a landing zone from scratch. He will talk about the design aspects and decisions that go into creating a landing zone. Following on that, he will discuss the hub/spoke model, documentation for the landing zone, and any prerequisites that you may need.

Week 4: Building a Landing Zone Template

Available On-Demand | Start Watching Right Away

With the knowledge of landing zones from week 3, it's time to create your very own landing zone template! Corey will be diving into Azure DevOps and VS Code so you learn how to automate the landing zone templates from start to finish. You'll then learn about ARM templates for landing zones and go through a real world scenario of building an ARM template for landing zones from scratch.

Week 5: Deploying the Landing Zone

Available On-Demand | Start Watching Right Away

Corey taught you all about building and designing a landing zone template in week 4, so it's only natural in week 5 to learn all about how to automatically deploy the landing zone template! This week, Corey teaches you how to create build pipelines from scratch for validating, checking security, building artifacts, and building the continuous integration CI pipeline for a landing zone template. After the CI process is complete, it's all about the release pipeline, or continuous delivery/deployment CD process. You'll learn how to configure release pipelines, deploy the landing zones, and validate landing zones. Wrapping up, Corey dives into securely accessing landing zones with many solutions including Azure VMs and jump boxes.

Week 6: Governance and Reliability

Available On-Demand | Start Watching Right Away

In week 6, you'll take everything you learned from weeks 15 and understand the governance and repeatability behind creating a landing zone. Corey will take you into policies, naming conventions, automating tags, testing, and much more. Following on governance, you'll learn all about repeatability for re-using the landing zone ARM templates.

Week 7: Benefits & Best Practices for Infrastructure-as-Code and CAF/WAF

May 13th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST

In the final week, Corey will go into best practices and why you should use infrastructure-as-code for all of your landing zone configurations. He will go into codifying the entire workflow, maintaining code in source control, and making immutable infrastructure. Corey will then go into all of the key benefits of codifying the entire workflow, including speed, simplicity, consistent configuration, minimizing risk, and much more...

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