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Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification

Azure Solutions Architect AZ-303 + AZ-304 Certification Training Course

On-Demand / 14 hrs 47 min


Learn Azure architecture with Microsoft MVPs Tim Warner and Mike Pfeiffer and prepare for the AZ-303 and AZ-304 certification exams.

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Course Instructor: Mike Pfeiffer

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty-year tech industry veteran who’s worked for some of the largest technology companies in the world including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mike is a published author, international conference speaker, Microsoft Azure MVP, and host of the podcast.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Azure AD Identity Design

Learn how to design and implement Multiple directories, Custom domains, Guest accounts, Self-service password reset, Multi-Factor Authentication, Verification methods, Trusted IPs, Bypass, Azure AD Conditional Access, Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure AD Connect, Synchronization options, Password writeback, and how to work with Azure AD Connect Health.

Module 2: Azure Storage Design

Learn how to design and implement Storage account options, Replication, Authentication, Azure AD, SAS, Access keys, Services, Blob, File, Public and private network access, Storage account failover, Storage tiers, Lifecycle management, Data flows/data analysis, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Synapse.

Module 3: IaaS/CaaS Infrastructure Design

Learn how to design and implement Dedicated Host, VM storage, Azure Disk Encryption, VHD images, Scale sets, Automated deployment, ARM templates, Template library, Configuration management, Automation runbooks, VDI, Windows Virtual Desktop, Containers, Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Service Fabric, VM Backup, recovery, and migration, VM backup and restore, Azure Site Recovery, Server migration, and Database migration.

Module 4: Azure Network Design

Learn how to design and implement Network provisioning, Addressing, Name resolution, Public and private network access, Bastion, Routing, NSGs / ASGs, Azure Firewall, Routing tables, VNet peering, and Hybrid cloud.

Module 5: High Availability Design

Learn how to design and implement VMS, Availability zones & sets, VMSS, Application and workload redundancy, App Service, Database, Network, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway/WAF, Traffic Manager, and Azure Front Door.

Module 6: Azure PaaS Design

Learn how to design and implement App Service, Web App for Containers, App Service Plans, Deployment Slots, Serverless, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Microservices, Event Grid, Event Hub, Service Bus, Storage queues, API Management Service, Enterprise Integration, Azure DevOps, and ITSM platforms.

Module 7: Azure Authentication Design

Learn how to design and implement Azure AD SSO solutions, Azure management scopes, RBAC, Azure AD PIM, Azure AD IdP, Azure Security Center, and JIT VM Access.

Module 8: Azure Application Security

Learn how to design and implement Azure Key Vault, Managed Identity, and App Registrations.

Module 9: Azure Database Design

Learn how to design and implement NoSQL, Table storage, Cosmos DB, Sizing, HA, End-to-end encryption, SQL, Azure SQL Database, Sizing, HA, End-to-end encryption, and Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

Module 10: Azure Monitoring Design

Learn how to design and implement Infrastructure monitoring, Azure Monitor, Insights, Workbooks, Alerts and Action Groups, Log search, Service Health/Resource Health, Azure Security Center, Log Analytics, Network Performance Monitor, KQL, Azure Sentinel, Cost Optimization, Reservations, Advisor, Cost management + billing, and Log Aggregation.

Module 11: Azure Governance

Learn how to design and implement Management scopes, Management groups, RBAC, Policy, Tags, and Blueprints.

Module 12: Azure Architect Exam Strategy

In this final session we'll address common questions and answers, Which exam version should I take?, Does exam order matter?, What's the difference between the exams?, Microsoft online testing process, Exam item types, and run through some practice questions.

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Both trainings were a great experience! Mike gathered some big names in the industry to speak on their specialties, I was truly honored to be able to learn from them.
Great training from experienced and knowledgeable trainers. The training material and demos mix the content with real-world scenarios which really accelerated my understanding.
Mike has done a fantastic job of assembling a group of subject matter experts to help guide you from the basics.
If you are serious and really want to go to next level of your career, I highly recommend to be part of

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