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Mike Pfeiffer

Mike Pfeiffer

Founder & CEO

Mike Pfeiffer is a twenty-year tech industry veteran who’s worked for some of the largest technology companies in the world including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). He’s the founder and CEO at, a cloud consulting and training firm. Mike is a published author, international conference speaker, Microsoft Azure MVP, and host of the podcast.

Latest Contributions:

Building Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

How to Become a Certified Azure Solutions Architect | AZ-303 & AZ-304

How to Build and Deploy Docker Containers with Azure Pipelines

How to Setup Azure AD Hybrid Identity

Azure Load Balancing Demystified

Deploying to Azure App Service with GitHub Actions

Integrate an ASP.NET Core Web App with Azure Key Vault

Building a Multi-Region Web Application on AWS

Build Your First CI/CD Pipeline using Azure DevOps

Amplify Your IT Career by Building Infrastructure Development Skills

Build, Run, and Continuously Deploy Docker Containers on Azure App Service

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