Terraform on Azure: Create an Entire Development Environment

In a world of continuous automation in the DevOps and cloud engineering space, you need a way to write reusable code that can work across all environments.

Creating your cloud infrastructure manually takes an extremely long time. You have to set up virtual networks, security groups, security group rules, virtual machines, and the list keeps going.

Not only is it time consuming, but it costs your organization a lot money because it’s costing you a ton of time and effort.

In this video, Cloudskills Contributor Michael Levan will give you the power to automate your infrastructure using Terraform. Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool, much like ARM templates, CloudFormation, and Ansible.

What we’ll cover in this video is a way to fully create a development environment that you can spin up, destroy, and re-create any time you want with a few simple Terraform commands.

We’ll create a virtual network, a virtual machine, and a resource group to store those infrastructure components.

What you’ll get from this video is an automated and fun way to create your cloud infrastructure.

No more clicking next or installing operating systems. This tutorial will give you a clear and concise way to spin up an entire cloud infrastructure using one of the most popular infrastructure-as-code tools in 2020.

Michael Levan is an Engineer at heart. He is a Lead Engineer of DevOps and champions a team of DevOps Engineers in the US. Michael started out his career like most do in IT, helpdesk/desktop support. After realizing the different ways to automate his job, he quickly realized the next step to his career, DevOps and Cloud Engineering. Today, Michael is a public speaker, blogger, published author, all around technology enthusiast, and podcaster.

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