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Blog Posts Tagged "serverless"

May, 08, 2020

Azure Functions: Deploying from VS Code and Azure DevOps

Learn how to create, configure and test Azure functions locally on your machine and then deploy them into an existing Azure function app using multiple methods.

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May, 01, 2020

Azure Functions: Managing Authentication and Secrets

Learn how to securely provide Azure functions with role-based access to Azure resources and leverage password and secrets in your functions that are stored in Azure Key Vault.

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April, 21, 2020

Azure Functions: Creating a PowerShell Event Based Function

Event-driven automation is one of the most compelling benefits to the cloud. Learn how to create a serverless function that gets triggered by Azure Event Grid and processed with PowerShell Core.

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April, 17, 2020

Building and Deploying a REST API using Azure Functions and Azure DevOps Pipelines

Follow along with this project-focused tutorial and learn how to build and deploy a reference application with Azure Functions and Azure DevOps Pipelines.

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April, 15, 2020

Azure Functions: An Introduction for DevOps Engineers

In this first part of a multi-part guide, you will review Azure Function App plans, deploy an Azure Function App, and setup a PowerShell-based webhook function.

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February, 24, 2020

Deploy a Serverless ASP.NET App to Azure Container Instances from Cloud Shell

Learn how to create, build, and publish a .NET Core app inside a Docker container running on an Azure Container Instance.

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November, 13, 2019

Episode 049: Serverless Automation with PowerShell and Azure Functions

In this episode we catch up with Eamon O'Reilly, Principal Program Manager on the Azure Functions team at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

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