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November, 10, 2020

Episode 096: Cloud Security with Eric Kedrosky |

Mike’s guest in this episode is Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research and CISO for Sunrai Security, a company that helps businesses fortify their public cloud spaces.

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October, 16, 2020

Episode 095: AWS Security in Practice

In this episode I chat with Dylan Shields about his new book AWS Security. Dylan is a software engineer working on Quantum Computing at AWS. Previously, Dylan was the first engineer on the AWS Security Hub team.

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October, 09, 2020

Episode 094: Azure Networking & Security with Derek Smith

In this episode I chat with Derek Smith about Azure Networking & Security. Derek is a Senior Azure Technical Consultant at Ahead, working to help clients with their Azure cloud journey.

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June, 17, 2020

Using Just In Time Access to Secure Azure VMs

Learn how to work with Just In Time Access with virtual machines in Azure so you can easily limit access to servers in your Azure environment.

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April, 09, 2020

Episode 070: Securing DevOps in the Cloud |

In this episode I catch up with Julien Vehent who leads the Firefox Operations Security team at Mozilla. Julien is a security architect and DevOps advocate.

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December, 19, 2019

Episode 054: DevSecOps, AppSec, and Cloud Security

In this episode we catch up with Tanya Janca to discuss DevSecOps, AppSec, and what you need to do to secure cloud applications.

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