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October, 04, 2021

Git Workflow Basics for Azure DevOps Engineers

In this project Mike Pfeiffer will show you how to perform common version controls tasks using the following version control workflow.

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February, 22, 2021

Project Bicep: Azure Infrastructure as Code 💪

Meet project Bicep, a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for deploying Azure resources. Anything that can be done in ARM can be done with Project Bicep.

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February, 15, 2021

Get Started with AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)

In this one hour training, CloudSkills Author David Cobb shows you how to hit the ground running with the AWS CLI, and shares some of his best tips.

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February, 14, 2021

Azure Automation: Configuring Hybrid Worker Groups

In this guide, you will learn how to deploy a Hybrid Worker capable of executing an Azure cloud runbook to system of your choosing.

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February, 01, 2021

Azure Automation: Managing Runbook Authentication and Modules

In this guide, you will learn how Azure Automation can authenticate and access Azure resources. We will also take a look at importing PowerShell modules to add cmdlets to our runbooks.

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January, 29, 2021

Working With Azure Automation Tasks

In this post, you will create and configure an automation task to power off a virtual machine using the Azure Portal. When you're finished, you'll be able to create and configure automation tasks for resources in your environment.

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January, 17, 2021

Azure Automation: Creating a PowerShell Runbook

Learn how to set up an Azure Automation Account and deploy your first PowerShell runbook. When you're finished, you will have the necessary skills to get started deploying runbooks in your Azure tenant.

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November, 13, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on AWS: Managing State

Terraform state is a critical component of Terraform and is crucial to understand when building automated solutions. This post will explain what you need to know about managing Terraform state.

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November, 09, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on AWS: Deploying Resources

Terraform is rapidly changing the game for many companies running on AWS, Azure, GPC, and more. In this guide, written by Luke Orellana, you will use Terraform to deploy resources to AWS.

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September, 10, 2020

Episode 090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle |

In this episode I catch up with Bart Castle, an Expert Trainer at CBT Nuggets where he spends his days making training content while consulting on the side.

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August, 27, 2020

Episode 088: Pulumi in Action with Christian Nunciato |

In this episode I catch up with Christian Nunciato, staff software engineer at Pulumi. We discuss how developers can use common programming languages to write infrastructure code.

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August, 14, 2020

Episode 086: How to Get Started with Ansible |

In this episode I catch up with Josh Duffney, author of the new book 'become Ansible'. Should you be using Ansible or Terraform? Maybe both? And, how do you get up and running quickly?

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August, 04, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Tips and Tricks

Infrastructure as Code is complex and requires you to jump through many hoops. In this guide we review some practical tips and tricks to be mindful of when developing infrastructure.

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July, 17, 2020

How to Build and Deploy Docker Containers with Azure Pipelines

In this video Mike Pfeiffer shows you how to use the Azure DevOps Pipelines service to build and deploy Docker containers to Azure Web App for Containers in App Service.

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July, 15, 2020

Episode 083: Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches |

In this episode we catch up with Elton Stoneman about his new book: Learn Kubernetes in a Month of Lunches. This episode is sponsored by the books publisher, Manning Publications.

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July, 09, 2020

Episode 082: Starting Your DevOps Career from Scratch |

In this episode I answer some listener questions and provide tips on how you can create a strategy to launch your own DevOps career from scratch. What does it take? What should you focus?

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June, 26, 2020

Deploying to Azure App Service with GitHub Actions

Get started with GitHub Actions in this step-by-step tutorial on deploying to Azure App Service. This video will show you how to hit the ground running with GitHub Actions.

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June, 18, 2020

Episode 081: Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer (AZ-400) |

In this episode I talk about the recent changes to the AZ-400 exam and provide some tips and resources you can use to start studying right away.

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May, 19, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Testing

Writing tests for Terraform provides many benefits that make life easier as an infrastructure developer. Automated tests provide faster loop feedback. Learn how to write tests for Terraform code.

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May, 06, 2020

Episode 075: Building on AWS with Carlos Rivas |

In this episode I catch up with Carlos Rivas to talk about building solutions on the AWS cloud platform. Carlos is a Cloud Architect and online instructor for LinkedIn Learning and Udacity.

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April, 27, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Importing Existing Infrastructure

In this step-by-step guide, Luke Orellana walks us through the process of importing pre-existing Azure infrastructure into a Terraform state file.

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April, 20, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Functions, Expressions, and Loops

The HashiCorp configuration language (HCL) is both human-readable and machine-friendly enough to perform complex logic shown in this guide.

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April, 09, 2020

Episode 070: Securing DevOps in the Cloud |

In this episode I catch up with Julien Vehent who leads the Firefox Operations Security team at Mozilla. Julien is a security architect and DevOps advocate.

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March, 31, 2020

Continuous Integration (CI) with Azure Pipelines and .NET Core

In this guide you'll learn how to design and implement continuous integration (CI) for an ASP.NET Core web application using Azure Pipelines.

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March, 18, 2020

Episode 067: Breaking into Cloud and DevOps |

In this episode I catch up with Michael Levan on his journey into cloud and DevOps, and we share some ideas on how you can do the same.

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March, 16, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Modules

In Terraform, we can create modules to build re-usable components for creating production-grade Infrastructure as Code configurations.

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March, 09, 2020

Feature Branch Workflow and Pull Requests: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to implement the Git feature branch workflow and how to work with pull requests in this ultimate step-by-step guide.

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March, 07, 2020

Mastering Azure through Cloud Katas

In this blog post we will apply hands-on practice with the Azure Cloud through executing a series of short exercises revolving around VM creation, monitoring and ARM templating.

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March, 02, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Remote State

In this guide we will step you through the process of setting up remote state with an Azure Storage Account and Terraform Cloud.

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February, 24, 2020

Deploy a Serverless ASP.NET App to Azure Container Instances from Cloud Shell

Learn how to create, build, and publish a .NET Core app inside a Docker container running on an Azure Container Instance.

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February, 12, 2020

Episode 062: Infrastructure as Code with Ned Bellavance

In this episode I chat with fellow Pluralsight Author and MS MVP Ned Bellavance about working with Terraform, Packer, ARM Templates, and Multi-Cloud.

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February, 10, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Variables

Hard coded values are an anti-pattern for IaC. Learn how to use variables in Terraform to allow your configurations to become more dynamic.

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February, 04, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Provisioners

Learn how to work with Terraform provisioners which provide the ability to run additional steps or tasks when a resource is created or destroyed.

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January, 29, 2020

Episode 060: Operations Anti-Patterns with Jeff Smith

In this episode we catch up with Jeff Smith to discuss his new book called "Operations Anti-Patterns: DevOps Solutions" from Manning Publications.

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January, 27, 2020

Getting Started with Git and Azure DevOps: The Ultimate Guide

Once you've worked your way through part one of this guide you'll be able to work with Git, a distributed version control system.

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January, 15, 2020

Episode 058: DevOps vs. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

In this episode I catch up with Josh Duffney to discuss the differences between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), and we answer questions from a live audience.

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January, 13, 2020

Getting Started with Terraform on Azure: Deploying Resources

Terraform is a great way to start your Infrastructure as Code journey in Azure. Learn how to get started in this step-by-step guide.

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January, 08, 2020

Episode 057: Azure DevOps in the Real-World |

In this episode we catch up with Abel Wang to talk all things Azure DevOps. Abel is a Principal Cloud Advocate and DevOps Lead at Microsoft.

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January, 06, 2020

Infrastructure Automation with Terraform and Azure DevOps Pipeline Templates

Infrastructure as Code is considered a best practice when managing infrastructure in the cloud.

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December, 31, 2019

Integrate an ASP.NET Core Web App with Azure Key Vault

In this guided hands-on lab you'll integrate an Azure Key Vault resource with an ASP.NET Core web app running in Azure App Service.

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December, 19, 2019

Episode 054: DevSecOps, AppSec, and Cloud Security

In this episode we catch up with Tanya Janca to discuss DevSecOps, AppSec, and what you need to do to secure cloud applications.

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November, 21, 2019

Episode 050: Microsoft Ignite 2019 with Dan Wahlin and John Papa

In this episode we chat with industry legends Dan Wahlin and John Papa at Microsoft Ignite 2019 about serverless, containers, k8s, and more.

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August, 14, 2019

Episode 034: Cloud Native Patterns and Practices

In this episode we chat with Cornelia Davis about her latest book “Cloud Native Patterns Designing change-tolerant software”.

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June, 11, 2019

Episode 025: The Continuous Delivery of Value with DevOps

In this episode we talk to Donovan Brown, Principal DevOps Manager with Microsoft, about the importance of adopting DevOps practices, and the continuous delivery of value to your end-users.

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April, 12, 2019

Building a Multi-Region Web Application on AWS

In this video we'll take a look at how to build a multi-region web application on AWS.

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February, 05, 2019

Episode 006: Cloud Career Strategy |

In this episode, I talk to Tim Warner about cloud career strategy. Tim is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management who is based in Nashville.

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January, 29, 2019

Episode 005: Automation with PowerShell

In this episode, I talk to Jeff Hicks about automation with PowerShell. Jeff is the author of numerous PowerShell books, and he's a well known Pluralsight Author and Microsoft MVP.

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January, 14, 2019

Build Your First CI/CD Pipeline using Azure DevOps

Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) are considered by most to be the backbone of DevOps. Things start to get really interesting when you combine these practices with programmable infrastructure and CI/CD.

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January, 03, 2019

Amplify Your IT Career by Building Infrastructure Development Skills

Anyone who wants to thrive in the tech industry in the coming years should learn the core principles of infrastructure development. Those who do will hold in-demand skills in a world where almost everything is software defined.

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