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June, 18, 2020

Episode 081: Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer (AZ-400) |

In this episode I talk about the recent changes to the AZ-400 exam and provide some tips and resources you can use to start studying right away.

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June, 11, 2020

Episode 080: Do Certifications Really Matter? |

In this episode I catch up with Josh Duffney to discuss the value of technical certifications. Tons of tips and insights from Q&A with a live audience.

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April, 17, 2020

Episode 072: AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

In this episode I catch up with fellow MS MVP Tim Warner to discuss the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification exam and what you should do to prepare.

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April, 15, 2020

Episode 071: Learning and Teaching Azure with Lars Klint |

In this episode I catch up with Lars Klint, fellow Microsoft MVP, software developer, and Azure instructor at A Cloud Guru.

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February, 26, 2020

Episode 064: The Truth about Cloud Certifications

How do you prepare for cloud certification? And how do you deal with failure? We answer these questions in this episode.

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September, 09, 2019

Episode 039: Azure Fundamentals Certification (AZ-900)

In this episode we catch up with Microsoft MVP Tim Warner about how to prepare for the Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) Certification exam.

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