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March, 25, 2021


Corey Knapp shares his best tips on how to ignite your cloud career through a simple framework you can use to increase engagement, enhance your skills, and enforce what you've learned.

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November, 10, 2020

Episode 096: Cloud Security with Eric Kedrosky |

Mike’s guest in this episode is Eric Kedrosky, Director of Cloud Security Research and CISO for Sunrai Security, a company that helps businesses fortify their public cloud spaces.

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September, 18, 2020

Episode 091: How to Start Your Cloud Journey with Chirag Nayyar

In this episode I catch up with Chirag Nayyar who has moved into cloud straight from university and is working towards helping businesses make the shift into the cloud.

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September, 10, 2020

Episode 090: Cloud & DevOps with Bart Castle |

In this episode I catch up with Bart Castle, an Expert Trainer at CBT Nuggets where he spends his days making training content while consulting on the side.

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September, 03, 2020

Episode 089: Partnering with Tech Recruiters |

In this episode I catch up with Erica Woods and Ryan Sedwitz with Apex Systems. Learn how agency recruiters can help you showcase your abilities, and build up your personal brand.

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August, 20, 2020

Episode 087: Learning Azure with Gwyneth Pena |

In this episode I catch up with Azure MVP Gwyneth Pena to discuss how you can get started on your journey into the cloud through certification, teaching and much more.

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July, 09, 2020

Episode 082: Starting Your DevOps Career from Scratch |

In this episode I answer some listener questions and provide tips on how you can create a strategy to launch your own DevOps career from scratch. What does it take? What should you focus?

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May, 28, 2020

Episode 078: Changing Your Career Path with Jeff Brown |

In this episode I catch up with fellow Pluralsight author Jeff Brown about how to change your career path while working in the tech industry. Jeff is an Azure trainer and former Microsoft engineer.

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May, 21, 2020

Episode 077: Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower |

In this episode Mike Pfeiffer sits down with Kelsey Hightower, Dan Wahlin, and Anthony Nocentino for a fireside chat at the Kubernetes Day One event. Tons of awesome takeaways for everyone.

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May, 13, 2020

Episode 076: Breaking into Tech with Adrienne Tacke |

In this episode I catch up with Adrienne Tacke, published author and software engineer, about breaking into the tech industry, teaching others, and helping people ramp up on the Azure cloud.

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May, 06, 2020

Episode 075: Building on AWS with Carlos Rivas |

In this episode I catch up with Carlos Rivas to talk about building solutions on the AWS cloud platform. Carlos is a Cloud Architect and online instructor for LinkedIn Learning and Udacity.

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April, 30, 2020

Episode 074: High Performance Team Structure |

In this episode we catch up with Manuel Pais, DevOps and Delivery Coach, Consultant, and co-author of the book Team Topologies. This is a must listen for teams adopting DevOps.

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April, 15, 2020

Episode 071: Learning and Teaching Azure with Lars Klint |

In this episode I catch up with Lars Klint, fellow Microsoft MVP, software developer, and Azure instructor at A Cloud Guru.

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April, 01, 2020

Episode 069: Developer Perspectives on Cloud & DevOps |

In this episode I catch up with Elkhan Yusubov to understand the developers perspective when it comes to working with in cloud and DevOps.

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March, 27, 2020

Episode 068: How to Build Your Personal Brand |

In this episode I catch up with tech industry legends and fellow published authors Dan Wahlin and Tim Warner about how to build your personal brand.

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March, 18, 2020

Episode 067: Breaking into Cloud and DevOps |

In this episode I catch up with Michael Levan on his journey into cloud and DevOps, and we share some ideas on how you can do the same.

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February, 05, 2020

Episode 061: Dive into Kubernetes with Nigel Poulton

In this episode I catch up with world renowned Docker and Kubernetes author Nigel Poulton. Learn how to navigate the world of cloud native computing.

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January, 29, 2020

Episode 060: Operations Anti-Patterns with Jeff Smith

In this episode we catch up with Jeff Smith to discuss his new book called "Operations Anti-Patterns: DevOps Solutions" from Manning Publications.

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January, 01, 2020

Episode 056: Kubernetes in 2020 with Kelsey Hightower

In this episode I catch up with Kelsey Hightower about how to navigate your career in tech and what the Kubernetes landscape is going to look like in 2020.

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December, 04, 2019

Episode 052: How to Amplify Your Career with Michael Teske

In this episode I catch up with fellow Pluralsight Author Michael Teske at Microsoft Ignite 2019 and we discuss how to take your career to the next level.

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September, 26, 2019

Episode 040: What to Do When You Don't Have Experience |

In this episode I share some ideas on how you can build up your cloud experience and start making your career transition into roles focused on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more.

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June, 11, 2019

Episode 025: The Continuous Delivery of Value with DevOps

In this episode we talk to Donovan Brown, Principal DevOps Manager with Microsoft, about the importance of adopting DevOps practices, and the continuous delivery of value to your end-users.

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February, 05, 2019

Episode 006: Cloud Career Strategy |

In this episode, I talk to Tim Warner about cloud career strategy. Tim is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management who is based in Nashville.

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