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August, 14, 2020

Episode 086: How to Get Started with Ansible |

In this episode I catch up with Josh Duffney, author of the new book 'become Ansible'. Should you be using Ansible or Terraform? Maybe both? And, how do you get up and running quickly?

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April, 10, 2020

Lookup Azure Key Vault Secrets with Ansible

As companies become more security conscious, password rotation is often one of the first areas addressed. Learn how to solve this challenge with Ansible.

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April, 03, 2020

Configure a Windows Web Server with Ansible in Azure

The goal of this tutorial is to configure an Azure virtual machine as an IIS Web Server using Ansible. This is the fourth post in a series on Ansible and Azure.

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March, 27, 2020

Connect to an Azure Windows Host with Ansible

In this tutorial you'll be provisioning a Windows Server virtual machine by using PowerShell and a custom script extension Deployed by Ansible to Azure.

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March, 20, 2020

Deploy a Windows Virtual Machine to Azure with Ansible

By the end of the tutorial you'll understand how to use several of the Azure Ansible modules to deploy workloads to Azure.

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March, 13, 2020

Connect to Azure with Ansible

In order to use Ansible with Azure, you must first define the connection settings between the Ansible server and Azure as an infrastructure platform. Learn how to connect Ansible to Azure.

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