Project Bicep: Azure Infrastructure as Code 💪

Bicep is a Domain Specific Language (DSL) for deploying Azure resources declaratively. Anything that can be done in an ARM Template can be done in bicep. Bicep compiles down to standard ARM Template JSON files.

In this one-hour training session, CloudSkills Author Matt Allford shows you how to hit the ground running with Bicep.

Want to learn more about Azure Infrastructure as Code? Check out Matt's latest course on Azure Template Specs:

Matt Allford is an aspiring DevOps engineer with a 10 year background in systems administration, architecture and design, primarily in the on-premises data center. He has a new found passion for Cloud and DevOps tools and techniques and enjoys helping customers and the community realise value from technology. Over the past several years Matt has experienced first-hand the power of the communities within the wider IT industry and enjoys learning from others and where possible, giving back. Matt has presented at several conferences in Australia and America and is a VMware vExpert.

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