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We help businesses build, manage, and automate cloud infrastructure and applications.

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DevOps as a Service

Our team helps businesses automate end-to-end software release pipelines in the cloud for faster time to market, increased efficiency and reduced cost.

Infrastructure as Code

We'll show you how to define your infrastructure as code using declarative human-readable templates. You'll be able to spin up complete application environments in minutes with a single click or API call.

Continuous Delivery

We can help you build a continuous delivery pipeline that will allow you to deliver new features to users quickly and efficiently. Learn how to automate application builds, tests, and deployments.

Configuration Management

Implement config management to consistently and repeatedly deploy and maintain server and application settings. Eliminate configuration drift and automate server deployments in the cloud.

Design and Architecture

Our experts will help you implement an application design that is built using industry best practices for cloud architecture. Your apps will run on highly available and scalable infrastructure in the cloud.

Auto Scaling

Tap into the power of cloud automation and elasticity. Our team will help you implement auto scaling for servers and managed services. Automatically add and remove resources based on application utilization.

Monitoring & Logging

Monitor and automatically alert your team about application performance and availability. We'll show you how to monitor and store logs in the cloud to stay on top of changes and comply with regulations.

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Tap into the power of cloud and automation

Cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have changed the game. Making the move to the cloud means that you can automate everything and apply software development practices to infrastructure as well as application code. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, CloudSkills.io can help. We’ve worked with numerous clients to help them realize the benefits of cloud computing. Contact us today to see how we can automate your time consuming processes and get you up and running in the cloud.

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Reduce time-to-market

To remain competitive in the marketplace you need to move as fast, if not faster, than your competitors. Have your competitors moved to the cloud? If your business is not leveraging the power of cloud computing you could be at a significant disadvantage. Contact us today to schedule a call and learn how we can streamline your processes and reduce your time-to-market for products and applications. We can help you implement a refined delivery process that quickly delivers high quality software.

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Pick up new skills

Become a cloud computing expert. Select from a wide range of workshops aimed at beginners, sysadmins, architects, developers, and DevOps engineers and learn Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) from industry experts. Our curriculum currently covers a wide array of topics that will prepare you and your team for both real-world deployments as well as the top industry certifications from Microsoft and Amazon. View our catalog to see all of our workshops.

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